Richard W. Connelly, Sr.

Author Richard W. Connelly, Sr., Denver, North Carolina


Richard proudly presents Bloodline Detective,

The True Story of a Man Seeking the Love

of a Mother He Never Knew


In youth, we look forward to accomplishments not yet achieved. In maturity, we look back on achievements fully accomplished.


Unlike many mature men and women, my greatest accomplishment in life was not marriage and having children, though my four children are precious to me and my marriage was a great learning experience.


My first and greatest accomplishment was recognizing my alcoholism by removing denial, humbling my heart and taking sobriety in earnest. My second was building a family and bringing wonderful children into the world. My third was discovering my biological mother.


Mothers are the heart of a home. They not only give birth to a new family line, but give their children purpose. Even if mothers are impatient, critical, demanding or judgmental, their very presence gives children a sense of family and the desire to belong.

For many reasons, I did not feel as if I belonged in my adopted family. Perhaps this was because I was originally taken in on sufferance, not as a son but as a companion for a boy who had already been adopted. However, this was not the inspiration for the diligent search that led to my maternal roots.


Ill health and concerns about my future inspired me to delve into genealogical records that were not easily available. Once the Pandora’s Box of such research was open, I could not contain my curiosity. It was as if I were born with the seeds of a genealogical detective dormant in my heart. Successful research brought a garden of possibilities into bloom. These possibilities resulted in heartwarming discoveries.

Some led to closed doors or dead ends. All provided an education in humanity that was empowering and worthwhile.

This was my journey. This is my life!


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  • Barbra Quadrini (Sunday, October 05 14 02:39 am EDT)

    Rich, I am reading your book for the second time. Hoping to gain more insight into you and how you think. This is a great first book. I am always in your corner, always wishing you only the best.
    Looking forward to your second book. Always only the best. Barbra